Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Is the new place to be.

There you can see pictures and learn about Russian life from someone who's been there! ME.... I can't really teach you much though as I'm a bit stupid.

There you go, just go click on the link and see what you find.....oooooh adventure.

I can't even make the link work I'm that stupid.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Down in Albion

It's good to be home. I have only three weeks in good ol' Blighty so I'll have to make the most of it.

Here's some pictures of Russia:

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Last evening I....

...went to the Irish pub round the corner from work. It's a very authentic Irish theme pub, just like the ones you get in Manchester. Although there are no Irish bar maids and the menu is all in Russian. But the Cranberries were dutifully playing on the big screen when we walked in. They were soon switched off and replaced by the more traditional Ice Hockey that I know is very popular in Ireland. I was hoping they might serve a good ol fashioned fish and chips or a burger but to save time (reading Russian is easy but time-consuming) I opted for chicken wings and raw fish. I stayed off the vodka as for a second evening running I was under interrogation from curious Russians and facing many many many questions about my impressions of their country. The evening before I had been taken by one of my students and her family to the English theme pub where the waiters dressed like page boys and the waitresses dressed like strumpets. I had every question you can possibly think of thrown in my direction 'do people eat soup in Britain? Do people breathe in Britain....' this kind of thing. I didn't want to spoil the image they clearly have of Britain as being like the scenes in Pride and Prejudice so I kept my answers as short as possible! So no drinking for me, although I think it would have helped me get through the torture of being the centre of attention for over 2 hours. They all want to know the differences and I feel like I'm letting them down greatly when I tell them that it's really not that different (apart from the weather and the mud and the people)...


This will be my last entry in this here blog what you are reading. Although I shall be returning to Russia in May I think a new blog is called for, with a more mature and refined edge to the observations! So I shall let you all know the new blog's new name as soon as I can think of one. Goodbye Russia!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Hey thanks to all of you who seem to be noticing my failing mental state. Yes it's tough living the solitary life of a English teacher on a mission to enlighten the undernourished minds of Russians who survive on strange meat dishes and cakes.
But I have been partly successful I think, and even told them I'll come back to finish their education on how not to offend people from other places . If that's not a sign of mild psychosis then I don't know what is... And whoo look my cynicism is back.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No words

Something has happened to me and as a consequence I have nothing to say anymore. Let me explain. Last week at some point, I'm not sure when, my cynicism left me and now I am stuck for words. I am suddenly looking at the town in which I live and the people who I work with (even the fascists) in a whole new uncynical light! Perhaps it has something to do with my impending departure, but I am even tolerating the mud, although not quite the food: I think it would take a miracle for me to start liking the food. When I talk to people here who have been to England I ask them if they liked the food, and most of them have said NO! Can you believe it!?
So as I have nothing cynical to say I shall say nothing at all! Isn't that the advice of all wise men?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Every day is like Sunday

I'm afraid the past week has been rather dull, that's why I have not been actively writing the blog. There is also a new secretary in our small cramped office which means that the computer is occupied a lot of the time. There's been no more dubious looking men in dark glasses and even my Bond villain is out of the country (probably as part of her quest for world domination). So no news from here. I was rather surprised however when yesterday as I was taking photographs of the Lenin staute I encountered a Simpsons-like moment when he started to talk to me. We discussed the meaning of life. Just like in all the books that I've read about him, he came across as a smart guy and his English was impeccable but I had to correct him a few times.
I wonder if anyone is still reading this nonsense!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It seems my drunken self impressed the Russians and they have declared the desire to do it again (without the fruit cognac, said I). It would appear that under the influence of inebriating liquids I was not honest, as I feared, but instead I donned my beer-goggles and saw Russia and my boss (who had supplied said liquids) as the most splendid creations ever, uh, created. So I am safe comrades and relations between Russia and Britain continue to flourish (we'll ignore that thing I saw in the news about Cold War prison camps).

In other news in this here Siberian town, it's been dry for two days running: that means no snow no mud, a reason to celebrate if ever there was one. I watched some Russian films, one was a Soviet era comedy about a man who has diamonds in his broken arm plaster cast, and the other was Night Watch, a modern film about vampires or something (I was confused).

With only 12, yes 12 count them, days to go before I return to the mother land, or is that where I am now...well before I return to Britain I feel I must soak up as much culture as I can possibly squeeze into my brain and suitcase to bring back to you delightful people in bowler hats holding umbrellas (for that is what a Brit looks like to be sure). Or maybe you'd all just like some водка!